Govt with programmes of impact on job growth

President of the MPLA said Tuesday that the Executive has structuring projects in its portfolio that will have a great impact on the economic and social development of the country and on the increase in the supply of jobs.

João Lourenço, who is also President of the Republic, was speaking at the IV Ordinary Session of the Central Committee of the MPLA, which, among other matters, will debate the “Impact of Public Policies on the life of Youth”.

He highlighted that among the scheduled achievements are the entry into operation, at the end of the current year, of the Dr António Agostinho Neto International Airport, the completion, next year, of Porto do Caio in Cabinda, the construction of the new airports in Cabinda and Mbanza Congo and the Caculo Cabaça Hydroelectric Dam.

He added, as works to be completed, the Cabinda, Soyo and Lobito refineries, 17 tertiary hospitals in several provinces, as well as the General Pedalé, University, Main Military, Oncology, Specialized-burn-units and Ophthalmology hospitals, all in Luanda.

He also said that the complete rehabilitation of Américo Boavida Hospital will be carried out and that the programme to combat drought in southern Angola will be fully implemented, focusing on the provinces of Cunene, Namibe and Huíla, including the water solution for Lubango city (Huila).

João Lourenço said that the start of the Bita and Quilonga projects is scheduled to overcome the water deficit in Luanda and 11 University infrastructures will be built in the country.

He believes that such programmes will considerably increase job opportunities for young people, encouraging them to better serve their country on all fronts.

At party level, the President of the MPLA reported a greater appreciation of youth, with the enlargement of the composition of the Central Committee, in the belief that they could become leaders committed to the country.

He recommended work to ensure that young people, dedicated to work, will become the rulers of the future, without vices and excessive ambitions.

He urged the need to extend the militant work to the mobilisation of civil society and representative organisations of young people, students, women, workers, athletes, artists and composers, churches, among others.

In the international political domain, the MPLA leader reiterated the defence of an unconditional ceasefire and the start of negotiations between the parties directly involved in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, for the establishment of a lasting peace between the two countries.

João Lourenço considers that lasting peace for Europe also implies direct negotiations between Russia and NATO, between Russia and the European Union.

“Europe can no longer be the epicenter of a new world war. We need to save Europe to save the world”, underlined the Head of State.

He advises that the US and China, due to the influence they enjoy, put aside what separates them and concert diplomatic actions aimed at resolving this conflict in Europe, in the sense of safeguarding world peace and security.

The president stated that the party must follow with due attention the latest events taking place in the world and that herald a return to the Cold War or even the design of a scenario worse than that of World War II, with alignments formed by two antagonistic axes.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)