FKE Calls For Enhanced Infrastructure In Coast Region

The Federation of Kenya Employers has advocated for sustainable solutions that enhance connectivity, promote economic growth and improve the overall resilience of the Coast region’s infrastructure network.

Speaking at the 63rd Annual General Meeting held at Nyali Reef Hotel, The Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, Jacqueline Mugo said that the Federation has been actively monitoring the infrastructure challenges plaguing the region, with particular attention to the industrial hub of Mombasa and its critical road connections to the northern and western parts of the Country.

Mugo highlighted that these vital routes not only facilitate the flow of goods and services but also serve as lifelines for businesses, industries, and communities across the region.

Mugo said that the annual general meeting brings together employers from the Coast Region to transact normal business, review the development in the labor sector, and also look at the state of companies in the region and areas that need to be foc
used on.

‘The deteriorating road conditions have resulted in severe traffic congestion, leading to substantial losses for business, additionally, the wear and tear on vehicles coupled with high maintenance costs are further burdens on the business community,’ Mugo said.

Mugo said that the Federation recognizes the commendable efforts undertaken to tackle certain infrastructure challenges, it remains apparent that the strides made thus far are yet to align entirely with the expectations of the business community.

‘FKE emphasizes the critical importance of efficient and well-maintained infrastructure for economic growth and business operations. We urge relevant authorities to prioritize infrastructure development and maintenance to alleviate these pressing concerns and support the region’s economic activity,’ she said.

Mugo acknowledged that the prices of inputs and purchase prices have decreased in quarter one, but it is hardly felt on the ground regarding the cost of doing business.

‘We appreciate that t
he positive weather conditions, the rain have boosted food production in agriculture. In some sectors we have seen some sales going up but by and large the unemployment situation remains a matter of concern in the country,’ she said.

The CEO said that the Agriculture sector has experienced a surge in demand (39.6 percent), production (24.7 percent), and sales (33.6 percent).

Mugo urged employers in the region to improve the business environment, address regulatory hurdles, enhance access to credit and markets for businesses of all sizes, and foster an environment conducive to entrepreneurship and innovation.

She noted that these measures are crucial in unlocking the full potential of the economy and ensuring that the growth translates into tangible improvements in the quality of life for all Kenyans.

Source: Kenya News Agency