Fewer traffic lights damaged in accidents: CoW spokesperson

There has been a decrease in the number of traffic lights damaged in vehicle accidents in Windhoek, with fewer than five incidents per month compared to last year, when three accidents would be reported per week.

City of Windhoek spokesperson, Lydia Amutenya, during an interview with Nampa on Friday said most accidents occur over weekends.

“The cost of repairing a damaged traffic light depends on several factors, including the number of signals on a single traffic pole,” Amutenya said.

Replacing a single traffic light can range anywhere from N.dollars 15 000 to N.dollars 50 000, excluding labour costs.

Amutenya said suspects involved in such offences are tracked down with the assistance of the City Police’s surveillance system. Additionally, when the vehicles involved in the accidents are discovered at the scene, the repair costs are charged to the suspect’s account.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency