Electronic IDs will be beneficial: Kawana

The Minister of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security, Albert Kawana said that his ministry is currently engaging stakeholders about the features and use of the eID and how it can benefit their respective institutions.

Kawana said late last week in Windhoek that the Bank of Namibia and other financial institutions are fully in support of the introduction of the national electronic ID cards. He said Cabinet has recently approved the introduction of eIDs.

“This will make it easier and faster for stakeholders to identify and authenticate the identities of their clients. In addition, the eID will also provide digital signatures to simplify transactions.

“This project is also aimed at meeting the requirements of the relevant part of the Electronic Transactions Act, which deals with electronic signatures,” he said amid public concerns that the government might use the IDs to spy on people.

Kawana said eID cards have already been introduced in numerous countries in America, Europe and Asia. The electronic identity document will include personal information such as medical records, a driver’s licence, a birth certificate, biometrics, and a voter card, Kawana said.

“That’s how beautiful that card will be. We need to move with the world. We are happy that the Bank of Namibia, commercial banks, and insurance companies are fully behind us. But we will continue to educate our members of the public about the importance of eIDs,” said the minister.

Meanwhile, Kawana said the home affairs ministry has made great efforts to automate all civic records.

“The main objective is to enhance the management of Namibian identity cards and provide more reliable, timely, and accurate services to the public. I am pleased to inform our nation that the ministry has made strides in its quest for efficient service delivery,” he said.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency