Eengodi Constituency Councillor Calls for Investment and Development

Elambo, Oshikoto Region – Councillor Protasiu Neshuku of the Eengodi constituency in Oshikoto has issued a call for investors and business people to bring their services and investments to the area, citing a significant need for development. This appeal was made during the official opening of the Metsave shopping complex at Elambo village on Friday.

According to Namibian Press Agency (NAMPA), the lack of local development forces residents to travel as far as 80 kilometers to Omuthiya and Ondangwa for essential services. He expressed the community’s need for various facilities, including building materials, filling stations, printing shops, and an internet cafe. Neshuku emphasized the absence of any settlements, village councils, or towns in the constituency, highlighting Elambo village as a potential business hub due to its ample space. The Eengodi constituency, consisting of over 80 villages, along with the Okankolo and Nehale Lyampingana constituencies, is expected to benefit from the newly constructed Metsave complex. The village headman of Elambo, Samson Nghiteeka, lauded Metsave for the complex, noting its contribution to local employment. The complex has created jobs for 30 individuals, ranging from cashiers and guarding officers to handymen, store managers, and general laborers. Currently, the complex, which can house five shops, includes a grocer
y store.