Cyclists aim to raise funds for Embo lye Haro Pre-Primary School

The Kavango East Rundu cycling team is set to compete in the 2023 Nedbank Desert Dash, a 397-kilometer cycling adventure through the Namib Desert, to raise funds.

The 24-hour cycling challenge is scheduled for 08 to 09 December 2023, starting from Grove Mall in Windhoek and ending at Platz Am Meer in Swakopmund.

A statement by Nedbank Namibia on Tuesday indicated that the team was brought together by a passion for cycling and a desire to support the less vulnerable through cycling in the Nedbank Desert Dash.

The team aims to raise funds and awareness for Embo lye Haro Pre-Primary School in Ndama, a small peri-urban neighbourhood on the outskirts of Rundu. The school acts as both a school and a home for the vulnerable, housing and educating the orphaned children of Ndama.

Team member Izak Grobbelaar in the statement shared that cycling has always been a part-time hobby and activity for the team, but since joining the Nedbank Desert Dash, they have significantly ramped up their kilometres to develop streng
th and endurance for the race.

He added that despite struggling to find the time to train, the team was committed to joining the cycling calendar throughout the year and rode around their region to prepare for the race.

‘One of the main challenges that the team faced was the cost of travel, as well as the repair and maintenance of our bikes. With the sponsorship of Nedbank, the team can now direct all the funds towards charity to help alleviate some of the daily challenges faced by the school and bike shop,’ he said.

Grobbelaar expressed gratitude for the support they have received from Nedbank Namibia and encouraged those who wish to support the cause to reach out to the team.

‘Those who wish to support us must reach out to us as the proceeds are all for a good cause that touches the lives of those who greatly need the help. It doesn’t matter how much you can give – we welcome you to be a part of this heart-warming cause,’ Grobbelaar said.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency