Climate Change Experts Call For Sensitization

Climate change experts have called for increased sensitization of communities on climate change and its effects.

The experts, led by Professor Benard Muok, said sensitization was key in addressing climate change effects, adding that the private sector ought to make investments that generate money to address the menace.

Professor Muok, a climate change expert, said that addressing climate change requires all stakeholders’ efforts.

The Don said that funding is also an integral part of curbing the effects of climate change, despite several proposed actions by climate change experts.

‘Often people think that addressing climate change effects is the work of the government, donors, and NGOs, but we forget the most important player; the private sector,’ he said.

Professor Muok’s sentiments were echoed by Ester Mutua, a carbon market specialist, who reiterated that experts must sensitize the public as part of the solution.

They made the remarks at Tom Mboya University during the close of the second Homa Bay Cou
nty International Investment Conference.

Ms Mutua commended Homa Bay Governor Gladys Wanga for working with the local communities to develop carbon sinks which she said is a step towards climate stability.

Governor Wanga affirmed that her administration has established a public participation model with climate change committees, consisting of people from villages who are trained as one of the measures of curbing climate change.

Source: Kenya News Agency