Chief Isaack calls for unity among Nama clans

KEETMANSHOOP: The Chief of the /Hai-/Khaua Traditional Authority, Johannes Isaack, has called for unity amongst all Nama traditional authorities, and urged them to focus on the plight of their people.

Isaack during the first meeting of the/Hai-/Khaua Traditional Authority at Berseba recently said many traditional authorities in the region are embroiled in leadership fights, which further divides the community and has further negative consequences.

‘I am of the opinion that the small differences amongst us are insignificant in comparison to the challenges of poverty, hunger and unemployment our people are facing. It is time for us as leaders to prioritise the interests of our people, put our differences aside and work towards the betterment of the livelihoods of our people,’ he added.

The chief further said the /Hai-/Khaua Traditional Authority in conjunction with other traditional authorities need to engage the government on the benefits of inhabitants of the region from economic activities.

Isaack said d
espite the economic challenges of poverty, hunger, and unemployment within the community, the Neckartal Dam has been laying idle for the past three years. He called on the government to prioritise the construction of the irrigation scheme at the dam.

He was however quick to say the clan is endowed with land and water that can be used to benefit the community by embarking on gardening projects within their respective wards.

‘We can put an end to the socioeconomic plight of our community by unleashing the energy trapped in our sons and daughters, our clan is endowed with resources and capacity to provide for the needs of our people,’ he said.

Isaack said communities are plagued by incidents of alcohol and drug abuse, theft, gender-based violence and other social ills adding that such acts are perpetrated by people close or known by the community however such incidents are kept under wraps.

‘Community courts are envisaged to start operating soon and will hopefully assist in dealing with these ills. Be that a
s it may, we need to work closely with the law enforcement agencies to reduce the occurrence and the associated negative impact on our communities,’ he urged.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency