Boxing concerned group wants vote of no confidence in NABF

WINDHOEK: A group of the boxing community calling themselves a ‘concerned group’ has declared its intention to pass a vote of no confidence in the current administration running the Namibia Amateur Boxing Federation (NABF).

The group is claiming that the current executive board has failed to revive amateur boxing in the country since taking office on 01 December 2020.

Speaking at a media conference here on Tuesday, the group’s spokesperson Karen Shikongo revealed that earlier this year they had met with the Namibia Sport Commission (NSC) where an ultimatum was issued to the NABF leadership to address the situation. However, since then, no significant action has been taken to address the concerns of stakeholders.

Shikongo listed the lack of interest in promoting the sport, and the lack of capacity to initiate boxing development programs, as well as the inability to execute their mandate as some of the reasons for the vote of no confidence.

‘Previously, we would have a pool of 10 boxers forming part of the
national team, but for the past seven years, only four boxers have been chosen. Currently, we are uncertain if we will have a boxer representing our country in the upcoming Olympics because no new talent has been discovered and those currently on the team are struggling,’ she lashed.

However, NSC Chief Administrator Freddy Mwiya on Friday told the Namibia Broadcasting Corporation Sports Show that the group’s actions were illegal, as only the 14 regions can pass such a vote.

‘In February this year, the NABF took resolutions to hold elections in three regions and organize a boxing tournament in Swakopmund. The election was for three regions: Omaheke, Oshana, and /Karas. However, they encountered difficulties with the /Karas region, which only had one boxing club, making it impossible to hold the election there. As for their second resolution a boxing tournament was held in Swakopmund this year,’ said Mwiya.

He therefore called on the group to familiarise themselves with the Sports Act as well as their organi
sation statutes and acts.

Shikongo also criticized the sports commission for taking sides, despite the NABF’s failure to select a national team for the past seven years, hence their decision to immediately dissolve the current NABF leadership.

An interim committee will be selected to run the affairs of the amateur boxing federation until their next annual general meeting where new leadership will be elected.

The current NABF executive members are Benjamin Rebang (president), Jeremia Ndjembo (deputy), Lisias Hangula (deputy public relations officer), Israel Hamutumbagela, Bernard Kamatoto, Selma Shikukumwa, Immanuel Hamukwaya, Maria Iikela, Petrus Kashango, and Patrick Siluka.
Source: Namibia Press Agency (NAMPA)