Bomet Introduces Telemedicine Robots In Healthcare Facilities

In a landmark initiative aimed at revolutionizing healthcare accessibility and quality health care, Bomet County has partnered with World Tele-Health (WTI) to launch telemedicine robots in Longisa County Referral Hospitals and other healthcare facilities across the County.

Led by Deputy Governor Shadrack Rotich and WTI CEO Ms. Sharon Allen, the initiative marks a significant stride towards leveraging technology to bridge gaps in healthcare services, particularly in remote areas within Bomet County.

The collaboration between Bomet and WTI underscores a commitment to embracing innovative solutions to enhance medical care delivery.

Rotich highlighted the importance of telemedicine, stating, ‘Our partnership with World Tele-Health represents a significant step towards ensuring that our residents have access to quality healthcare services. Telemedicine technology enables us to bring specialized medical expertise to our healthcare facilities, ultimately improving patient outcomes.’

‘The telemedicine technology
which is already in use at Longisa Referral Hospital, will enable doctors and other health workers in the County to consult different specialists in other regions in the country and even abroad on a real-time basis. It will also enable learning and sharing knowledge and experiences with colleagues globally,’ added the deputy governor.

Echoing Deputy Governor Rotich’s sentiment, WTI CEO Ms. Sharon Allen emphasized the transformative potential of telemedicine in expanding access to healthcare.

‘We are thrilled to collaborate with Bomet County in implementing telemedicine solutions that will empower healthcare providers to deliver comprehensive and timely medical care to patients. Telemedicine technology enables doctors to consult with other specialists from around the world in real-time, facilitating efficient diagnosis and treatment,’ said Ms. Allen.

The event saw the participation of officials from the Ministry of Health and Kenyatta National Hospital, underscoring the collaborative efforts towards advanci
ng healthcare delivery in Kenya. The introduction of telemedicine robots in healthcare facilities across Bomet County is poised to address challenges related to specialist shortages, long waiting times, and geographical barriers, thereby improving healthcare access and outcomes for residents.

Telemedicine technology enables healthcare professionals to remotely consult with specialists, exchange medical records, and collaborate on patient care plans, irrespective of geographical distances. By leveraging telemedicine, healthcare providers can tap into a global network of medical expertise, enhancing the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery.

The partnership between Bomet County and World Tele-Health represents a pioneering initiative in harnessing technology to transform healthcare delivery. As telemedicine continues to gain momentum as a cost-effective and scalable solution for expanding access to healthcare services, initiatives like these are poised to shape the future of medical care delivery, not
just in Kenya but globally.

Source: Kenya News Agency