Berseba farmers receive assistance to improve quality of livestock

KEETMANSHOOP: Farmers in the Berseba constituency recently received sheep and goat rams worth N.dollars 125 000 to help improve the quality of their livestock.

The donation was handed over under the Berseba Constituency Ram Project, by Berseba constituency councillor, Jeremias Goeieman.

Goeieman in his remarks at the event said the project aims to change the quality of animals by having quality rams so that animals can be sold at better prices, to allow farmers to venture into the selling of rams themselves and to enable the farmers to take their best breed to mini-shows.

The farmers also received training on animal health, feeding and nutrition, production cycle and record keeping from the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform.

He urged the 25 beneficiaries to start regarding farming as a business and not just as a generational hobby where they do it because their parents were doing it.

‘I implore you to take utmost care of your rams, let them rest and breed. You received training and I am sure
this training will guide you on how to take care of your rams, appreciate the assistance you received and encourage others to follow suit,’ he said.

Among the rams that were donated were five meat master rams, two Kalahari reds and 17 Boer goat rams.

A beneficiary, Aletta Cloete applauded the government and the constituency office for coming up with the project noting that: ‘As communal farmers we wish to improve the quality of our livestock, but the finances are not always available to buy a good breeder. We are therefore very grateful for the opportunity granted to us, in helping us improve our farming. We thank our leaders for making this possible.’

Cloete urged other beneficiaries to join hands and take the project further by starting a new project in the communal area that would help other farmers who did not benefit, improve their livestock quality.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency