Angola: Young entrepreneurs defend associations to assess “Projovem”

Luanda – The projects of youth to be financed by the Angolan government under the ?Projovem? programme must be duly analyzed and if possible assessed by the entrepreneurial association for their follow-up and monitoring.

This was said to Angop by the vice-chairman of the Angolan Entrepreneurs and Executive League (Prestigio), Fernandes Antero Miranda, when speaking about the financing line dubbed Projovem, estimated at four billion kwanzas.

According to him, it would be an added value to invite associations to participate in the assessment of the projects of the respective members even if it was needed a recommendation or reputability justification letter of the entrepreneur.

Fernandes Antero Miranda stated that most of the projects should focus on agriculture and cattle breeding. We think this could attract young people to create jobs and boost their activities in the growing fields with view to combating the exodus to the cities.

The Projovem is sponsored by the Angolan Development Bank (BDA) as a response to some requests made by the youth during the National Youth Forum, held in 2013 under the National Development Plan (PND/2013-2017).

The credit line, which will have operators linked to National Youth Council, National Youth Institute and National Institute for Micro, Small and Medium-sized Companies, is due to finance the sectors of hotels and tourism, industry, agriculture, livestock, services provision, fishing, information and communication technologies, trade and cultural entrepreneurship.

Source: Angola Press News Agency