Angola presents initiatives to ensure food security

Angola has presented the initiatives to ensure food and nutrition security, regulate the market and positively impact on the supply of basic food products.

This was during the 5th General Assembly of Governors of the African Development Bank started on 22 May in Egypt.

The initiatives are those of the National Plan for the Promotion of Grain Production (PLANAGRÃO) and the National Social Protection System Project, estimated at USD 420 million, aimed to provide cash transfers to some 1.6 million Angolan families.

The State Secretary for the Economy, Ivan dos Santos, who took part in the

event, also highlighted the Programme of Support Production, Diversification of Exports and Substitution of Imports (PRODESI), as a tool for economic diversification and on the Food Reserve (REA), which is being implemented to improve food and nutritional security, supply of basic and essential food products, in the desired quantities.

Ivan dos Santos also stressed the National Strategy for Renewable Energy in Angola, which foresees a 10-fold increase in the country’s electricity production capacity, through the installation of solar parks.

The official also said 1 million families could benefit from around 55,000 megawatts to be produced.

Ivan dos Santos assured that the Government is committed to the programmes, projects and plans to avoid food shortages in the coming years.

Angola is represented by a multi-sector delegation at the 5th General Assembly of the Governors of the African Development ending on 26 May.

The event gathers more than 50 African countries.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)