Angola: Forests’ role in biodiversity balance highlighted

Luanda – Forests represent a biodiversity reservoir and play a leading role in reducing emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) that contribute to sequestration of carbon and mitigation of anthropogenic emissions.

The recognition was expressed Wednesday by the head of Biodiversity Department of Environment Ministry, Agostinho Chicaia.

Chicaia, who was speaking to Angop on celebration of World Day of Forests and Tree, on 21 March, said that trees absorb Carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, increasing the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere.

It is in this way the forest releases the oxygen essential to human life, he said, noting that such ecosystems are crucial and important in mitigation of repercussions of climate change and protection of biodiversity.

He added that there is scientific evidence that global warming, as a result of the greenhouse effect, is linked to human activities in terms of production and consumption.

He also stressed the Paris Agreement and the current context of the countries, which called on politicians to create a framework that would strike a balance between the socio-economic well-being of its populations and protection of the environment in favour of future generations.

Meanwhile, the official stressed that the exploration of timber, taking into account the preservation of forests, remains sector’s concern.

Agostinho Chicaia pledged to change the situation to better handle this exploration.

Source: Angola Press News Agency