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FOLK HERO™ partners with lingerie label INTIMISSIMI to launch global brand campaign celebrating ‘The Art of Italian Lingerie’ featuring iconic Heidi Klum and Leni Klum

FOLK HERO — part of [INVNT GROUP] The Global BrandStory Project™ — developed INTIMISSIMI’s BrandStory, and wrote, creative directed, and executed the campaign

New York, NY, Oct. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — INTIMISSIMI, the Italian brand partnered with brand strategy firm, FOLK HERO, to develop and reimagine their Brand Story . Ultimately leading to the launch of INTIMISSIMI’s new global platform, The Art of Italian Lingerie.

The inaugural campaign, features supermodel, producer, and businesswoman Heidi Klum, alongside daughter Lena Klum, and is launching globally. The Art of Italian Lingerie tells the story of Italy’s great attention to beauty, touch, and color and how those things elevate lingerie beyond form and function and into the realm of art.

Once a brand is really clear on the story they are trying to tell, once they have found something truly compelling to say it becomes so empowering creatively,” said Rob Klingensmith, CEO of FOLK HERO. “We just had a lot of fun with this.”

FOLK HERO developed the brand and launch strategy, writing, producing, and creative directing the campaign, which was directed by award-winning creative director, Thomas Hayo.

“What an absolute pleasure to capture the bond, love, and joyful spirit of Heidi and Leni Klum for INTIMISSMI and crafted around The Art of Italian Lingerie,” said Thomas Hayo.

“The Art of Italian Lingerie is not only INTIMISSMI’s brand platform, but a testament to our leading innovation that drives luxury and confidence for our consumers and the global community. We are honored to partner with some of the greatest strategic and creative minds to share our spirited message of joy, “ said, Marcello Veronesi, General Manager of Calzedonia Group.

The company also recently announced that Jennifer Lopez (J.Lo), will be the next brand and campaign ambassador.


Launched in 1996, and part of the Calzedonia Group, Intimissimi was created to convey sophistication and romance, rapping into unmistakable Italian style to satisfy the desires and needs of all women seeking comfort, performance and quality, without sacrificing glamour. For more information visit:


Folk Hero, established by award-winning brand strategist Rob Klingensmith and part of [INVNT GROUP] The Global BrandStory Project™ specializes in bringing story strategies to the executive level, creating master brand narratives that act as brands’ operating and organizing principles. The firm helps its clients develop unusually compelling brand narratives, architecture, identity and tone-of-voice, all underpinned by a robust research methodology and deep understanding of contemporary consumer behaviors. For more information visit:


[INVNT GROUP] THE GLOBAL BRANDSTORY PROJECT was established in 2020, as an evolution of the founding global live brand storytelling agency INVNT in 2008, with a vision to provide consistent, meaningful, well-articulated BrandStory across all platforms. With offices in New York, Sydney, London, Singapore, Dubai, San Francisco, Stockholm, Detroit, and Washington D.C.; headed by President and CEO, Scott Cullather, [INVNT GROUP] represents a growing portfolio of complementary disciplines designed to help forward-thinking organizations everywhere, impact the audiences that matter, anywhere. The GROUP consists of modern brand strategy firm, Folk Hero; creative-led culture consultancy, Meaning; production studio & creative agency, HEVĒ; events for colleges and universities, INVNT Higher Ed; digital innovation division, INVNT.ATOM; creative multimedia experience studio, Hypnogram; and the original live brand storytelling agency, INVNT. For more information visit:


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Africa Press Releases South Africa

Hisense lance le compte à rebours de la Coupe du Monde de la FIFA 2022 au Qatar avec une chance pour vous de gagner parmi plus d’un million de rands de cadeaux

CAPE TOWN, Afrique du Sud22 octobre 2022/PRNewswire/ — Hisense, l’une des premières marques mondiales d’appareils électroménagers et d’électronique grand public, a lancé une série d’activités gagnantes en ligne et en magasin dans le cadre de sa campagne en Afrique du Sud, « The Perfect Match », pour célébrer son parrainage international de la Coupe du Monde de la FIFA 2022 avec ses produits innovants.

Hisense sera active dans certains réseaux de vente au détail avec d’incroyables offres DEALS FIFA et offrira aux consommateurs une chance de gagner leur part de lots exceptionnels.

Comment gagner

En magasin

À l’achat de tout produit Hisense éligible chez l’un des détaillants participants à partir du mois d’octobre jusqu’au mois de décembre 2022.

Prix à gagner

Exclusivité Makro

  • TV Laser L5
  • TV U7H
  • Réfrigérateur H780
  • 15 x 10 000 bons d’achat Mrewards

Exclusivité jeu

  • TV Laser L5
  • TV U7H
  • Réfrigérateur H780
  • 15 x 10 000 bons d’achat jeu

Tous les autres magasins de détail participants

  • 2x TV Laser L5
  • 2x TV U7H
  • 2x Réfrigérateur H780
  • 10x R10 000 sous la forme d’une Mastercard

Acheter en ligne

Hisense a lancé une campagne de e-commerce en octobre pour offrir aux clients qui achètent en ligne une chance de gagner des prix fantastiques pour regarder la Coupe du monde avec style.

Les prix

Hisense a organisé un cadeau à gagner sur le thème « Perfect Match » pour vous permettre de suivre la coupe du monde dans une ambiance luxueuse, chez vous, avec 20 amis, avec tous les services de restauration, les boissons et votre propre serveur à disposition.

C’est la deuxième année que Hisense est un sponsor officiel de la Coupe du monde de la FIFA. « Nous sommes heureux d’avoir l’occasion de présenter nos réalisations technologiques innovantes. Notre objectif est d’offrir à tous les fans de football des matchs parfaits et une expérience visuelle exceptionnelle lors de cet évènement sportif mondial », a déclaré Patrick, directeur marketing de Hisense South Africa. « Chez Hisense, nous cherchons toujours à offrir plus de valeur à nos clients, et nous sommes ravis d’annoncer cette fantastique gamme de promotions, qui garantit que nos clients obtiennent encore plus en achetant une large gamme de produits Hisense », a-t-il ajouté.

Pour de plus amples informations, veuillez consulter le site .

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IMF Reaches Staff-Level Agreement with Malawi on Rapid Credit Facility through the Food Shock Window and Program Monitoring with Board Involvement

Malawi is the first low-income country to reach a staff-level agreement to receive up to about US$88.3 million (50 percent of Malawi’s IMF quota) in emergency financing through the IMF’s new Food Shock Window under the Rapid Credit Facility . Malawi has also requested Program Monitoring with Board involvement .


This emergency financing under the new Food Shock Window will help Malawi address urgent balance of payments needs related to the global food crisis. Program Monitoring with Board involvement will support the government’s economic reforms to restore macroeconomic stability and provide the foundation for an inclusive recovery.


Malawi’s request will be discussed by the IMF’s Executive Board as soon as possible. Malawi is implementing a comprehensive debt restructuring needed to restore debt sustainability. A credible process for the debt restructuring would need to be underway prior to the IMF Executive Board’s consideration.


Washington DC: An International Monetary Fund (IMF) team led by Mika Saito held discussions with the Malawian authorities during October 11-17, 2022, in Washington DC, following meetings in Lilongwe during October 5-8, 2022, on Malawi’s request for emergency financing under the IMF Rapid Credit Facility’s new Food Shock Window and for Program Monitoring with Board involvement.


The authorities have initiated a comprehensive debt restructuring process to restore debt sustainability and build a track record with the Program Monitoring with Board Involvement towards an IMF-supported economic program financed under the Extended Credit Facility .


At the conclusion of these discussions, Ms. Saito issued the following statement:


“The IMF team reached a staff-level agreement with Malawi on a Rapid Credit Facility through the IMF’s new Food Shock Window and Program Monitoring with Board involvement (PMB) to help restore macroeconomic stability and provide the foundation for an inclusive economic recovery. The disbursement under the Food Shock Window, of up to about US$88.3 million (50 percent of IMF quota), combined with the PMB, will help address Malawi’s urgent balance of payments needs related to the global food crisis and will support economic adjustment and structural reforms.


“IMF staff are now preparing to present to the IMF’s Executive Board for approval the authorities’ request for emergency financing through the IMF’s Food Shock Window and for Program Monitoring with Board involvement as soon as possible.


“To complement their strong reform program, the authorities are implementing a comprehensive debt restructuring needed to restore debt sustainability. A credible process for the debt restructuring needs to be underway prior to the IMF Executive Board’s consideration of Malawi’s request.


“The authorities are strongly committed to continuing their efforts to implement structural reforms and prudent macroeconomic—fiscal, monetary and exchange rate—policies, which, together with the ongoing debt restructuring process, will steer the country towards macroeconomic stability and a sustainable debt path. In turn, this will help to set the foundation for inclusive growth and improve the life of Malawians.


“The IMF mission held meetings with Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs Sosten Gwengwe, Reserve Bank of Malawi Governor Wilson Banda, and senior government and Reserve Bank of Malawi officials. The mission team thanks the Malawian authorities for the engaging and productive discussions.”




Source: International Monetary Fund


WHO: Somalia on Brink of Unprecedented Crisis as Famine Looms

The World Health Organization says hundreds of thousands of people in drought-stricken Somalia may die unless the international community acts urgently to prevent the country from falling into famine.

The U.N. health agency says every single person in Somalia is facing hunger on a scale not seen since the famine in 2011, which killed more than a quarter million people, half of them children.

Speaking from the capital, Mogadishu, the WHO representative in Somalia, Mamunur Rahman Malik, said every night millions of people are going to sleep hungry. He said half of the country’s children, or 1.8 million, face acute severe malnutrition, warning that half of these children may die if they do not receive urgent medical treatment.

“I have seen children dying almost every hour in some of the health centers that I visited,” he said. “Many of them have traveled miles after miles in search of food and water and their weak bodies just could not make it that last mile.”

The WHO reports one out of every 10 children in the country is visiting health centers with diseases that are largely preventable.

In addition, Malik said one out of every seven Somali children is missing out on life-saving vaccines against killer diseases such as measles, diarrheal diseases, cholera, and acute respiratory infections. This, because they and their families are forced to leave their homes in search of food.

“We have seen deaths and diseases thrive when hunger and food crises are prolonged,” he said. “I have visited a number of health centers which I have seen with my own eyes how health workers are struggling to deal with the increased influx of children suffering.… In one instance, as many as 100 children with severe diseases needed to be cared for by only one or two health workers in very difficult working conditions.”

Malik said the WHO is working hard to prevent this dire situation from getting worse. He noted the agency is providing health care in hard-to-reach areas and delivering essential medication and other services for nearly three million people.

But he said this is not enough given the magnitude of the crisis. He warned many more people will die from disease than from hunger and malnutrition combined unless the world takes action to stave off this impending disaster.




Source: Voice of America


African Union Peace and Security Council Meets on Tigray War

The African Union’s Peace and Security Council is meeting Friday to discuss the escalating war in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region.

The conflict-resolution body is to receive a briefing from AU special envoy Olusegun Obasanjo, who has been leading efforts to mediate talks between the Tigray rebels and Ethiopia’s federal government.

The United Nations Security Council was also set Friday to discuss the conflict in Ethiopia at a private meeting requested by Gabon, Ghana and Kenya this week.

Both meetings are being held a day after Ethiopia announced it will send representatives to AU-sponsored peace talks on October 24. Leaders of the rebel Tigray People’s Liberation Front have not confirmed their attendance at the talks, to take place in South Africa.

AU-mediated peace talks were slated to begin earlier this month but were postponed for logistical reasons.

In recent days diplomats have stepped up their calls for a cease-fire in Tigray.

Ethiopia said last week it plans to seize Tigray’s airports and other strategic facilities. On Monday it announced the capture of three towns in Tigray.

U.S. State Department spokesman Ned Price said Thursday that the U.N. and AU meetings “demonstrate the international community’s great concern about the situation.”

He also renewed the U.S. call for the withdrawal of Eritrean troops from Tigray, where they are supporting the Ethiopian government’s offensive.

The AU’s Peace and Security Council last discussed Ethiopia August 4, roughly three weeks before a five-month ceasefire in Tigray ended.

Since then, “the situation in the conflict has dramatically changed for the worse,” said the Amani Africa think tank in a briefing note Friday.




Source: Voice of America


African Union Sets Monday for Start of Ethiopia Peace Talks

Peace talks on the war in Ethiopia will start on Monday in South Africa, the African Union said Friday, following earlier commitments by the government and Tigray forces to participate.

The Ethiopian government and its allies, which include Eritrea’s military, have been fighting Tigray forces in the north of the country on and off since late 2020. The conflict has killed thousands, displaced millions and left hundreds of thousands on the brink of famine. Both sides had committed to talks earlier this month, but they were delayed for logistical reasons.

The African Union’s Peace and Security Council said Friday it welcomed “mutual commitments to genuinely participate in the peace process.”

Redwan Hussein, national security adviser to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, has said the government will participate in the AU-led talks from October 24.

Kindeya Gebrehiwot, a spokesman for the Tigray forces, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The peace talks are set to start just days after the Ethiopian army and its allies seized three large towns in Tigray, one to the northwest and two to the south of the regional capital Mekelle.

Tigrai TV, a media outlet controlled by the Tigray authorities, said Friday the Tigray forces had released more than 9,000 Eritrean and Ethiopian prisoners of war, including 500 women.

The station reported that the prisoners of war were released because the enemy is the Ethiopian government, not the frontline soldiers who they said were forced to fight.

Reuters was not immediately able to confirm the details of the prisoner release.




Source: Voice of America

Africa Press Releases South Africa

Quantexa foi posicionada pelo Chartis como um Líder da Categoria no KYC Solutions 2022 Market Quadrant Update and Vendor Landscape

Solução da Quantexa para KYC (Conheça o seu cliente), parte de sua plataforma Decision Intelligence, líder do setor, reconhecida pela oferta completa, classificação de risco, aperfeiçoamento de perfis e integração de clientes

LONDRES, Oct. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hoje, a Quantexa, uma empresa global de software e análise de dados pioneira em Contextual Decision Intelligence (CDI), e que ajuda empresas e agências governamentais a solucionarem alguns de seus mais difíceis desafios de dados, anunciou que foi reconhecida como um líder da categoria pelo recém-lançado relatório 2022 Chartis KYC Solutions Market Update and Vendor Landscape A Quantexa está sendo reconhecida como líder da categoria pela abrangência de sua solução empresarial e também por seu potencial de mercado. A Quantexa KYC Solution foi classificada como a “melhor da categoria” para classificação de risco KYV e aperfeiçoamento de perfil de cliente com dados adicionais e recebeu uma classificação avançada por integração de cliente, relatórios e painel de controle.

O relatório Chartis KYC é focado nos temas macro de redução de custos e eficiência. Atualmente, os processos KYC podem ser manuais, sujeitos a erros e resultam em uma experiência insatisfatória durante o ciclo de vida do cliente. A plataforma Decision Intelligence da Quantexa transforma a abordagem ao KYC adicionando contexto e clareza desde a integração à saída, monitoramento dinâmico e avaliação do risco e oportunidade do cliente, e passando de revisões periódicas manuais para um processo automatizado e proativo.

A plataforma conecta dados internos e externos para criar uma visão única, rica e holística de um cliente e seu controle e descobre conexões ocultas entre clientes, contrapartes e seus comportamentos que muitas vezes são impossíveis de ver isoladamente. Juntamente com a automação e o uso de IA para obter eficiência, a solução facilita um entendimento contínuo e informado dos clientes para tomada de decisão melhor e mais rápida por meio de processos de aceitação do cliente, identificação, monitoramento da atividade e gestão de risco.

O posicionamento da Quantexa no relatório reflete os resultados comprovados dos seus clientes e é prova de que adotar uma abordagem contextual e permanente ao KYC reduz o tempo e os custos envolvidos pelas empresas. Ela também transforma o que se tornou um exercício de “marque a caixa”, de volta ao verdadeiro propósito de entender o risco e a exposição trazidos pela atividade do cliente. Ao aumentar a automação e usar inteligência para decisões, as empresas se mantêm à frente do volume e velocidade dos dados relativos às políticas e processos de KYC e podem liberar suas equipes para que tenham mais tempo para se concentrarem em clientes de alto risco e tarefas que agregam valor.

Citação: Phillip Mackenzie, especialista sênior de pesquisa na Chartis
O Chartis RiskTech Quadrant for KYC não descreve simplesmente uma solução de tecnologia como a melhor – ao contrário, usamos a mais sofisticada metodologia de classificação para explicar qual solução será a mais adequada para compradores, dependendo de suas estratégias de implementação. Nossa pesquisa observa que a KYC Solution da Quantexa oferece às empresas os controles necessários para lidar com os riscos envolvidos no uso de IA em seus programas de conformidade.”

Citação: Dan Higgins, diretor de produtos na Quantexa
“A Quantexa está entusiasmada por estar incluída no Chartis KYC Market Quadrant Report, muito bem posicionada numa lista respeitada de provedores de soluções empresariais. A tradicional diligência prévia contínua e atualizações periódicas de KYC continuam a gerar custos e complexidade para as empresas. As crescentes pressões regulatórias, de orçamento e dos clientes exigem uma nova forma de pensar. A abordagem contextual da Quantexa reduz o tempo e o custo do KYC ao aumentar a automação, conectando relacionamentos pouco óbvios e potencializando inteligência para decisões para monitoramento contínuo de riscos. Isso se traduz em identificação e gestão mais precisa de riscos, custos menores e melhoria da experiência do cliente. Estamos confiantes de que essa abordagem continuará a oferecer valor para os nossos clientes e impulsionará o crescimento geral do mercado para a Quantexa.”

A Quantexa é uma empresa global de software e análise de dados pioneira em Contextual Decision Intelligence que capacita empresas a tomarem decisões operacionais confiáveis ao fazer com que os dados tenham sentido. Usando os últimos desenvolvimentos em big data e IA, a plataforma da Quantexa descobre riscos ocultos e novas oportunidades ao fornecer uma visão contextual e conectada de dados internos e externos em um único local. Ela resolve desafios vitais em gestão de dados, KYC, inteligência do consumidor, crime financeiro, risco, fraude e segurança em todo o ciclo de vida do cliente.

A plataforma Quantexa Decision Intelligence melhora o desempenho operacional com mais de 90% de precisão e é 60 vezes mais rápida na resolução do modelo analítico do que as abordagens tradicionais. Fundada em 2016, a Quantexa tem atualmente mais de 500 funcionários e milhares de usuários trabalhando com bilhões de transações e pontos de dados no mundo. A empresa tem escritórios em Londres, Nova York, Boston, Washington DC, Bruxelas, Toronto, Singapora, Melbourne e Sydney. Para mais informações, contate a Quantexa aqui ou siga-nos no LinkedIn.

A Chartis ié uma empresa de pesquisa e consultoria que fornece tecnologia e consultoria de negócios para o setor de gestão de risco global. A Chartis fornece inteligência de mercado independente com relação à dinâmica de mercado, tendências regulatórias, tendências tecnológicas, melhores práticas, cenários competitivos, tamanho de mercados, prioridades em gastos e fusões e aquisições. Os relatórios RiskTech Quadrant da Chartis são redigidos por analistas experientes com prática em seleção, desenvolvimento e implementação de sistemas de gestão de riscos para váruas empresas internacionais em uma gama de setores, incluindo bancos, seguros, mercado de capitais, energia e setor público.

PDF deste comunicado disponível em:

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ontato: Laurel Case, VP, Fight or Flight

Telefone: +1 315 663 6780


Contato: Adam Jaffe, vice-presidente sênior de Marketing Corporativo

Telefone: +1 609 502 6889


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Quantexa a été positionnée par Chartis en tant que leader de catégorie dans le rapport KYC Solutions 2022 Market Quadrant Update and Vendor Landscape

La solution KYC de Quantexa, qui fait partie de sa plateforme leader dans le secteur de l’intelligence décisionnelle, est reconnue pour l’exhaustivité de l’offre, la notation des risques, l’enrichissement du profil client et l’intégration des clients

LONDON, 20 oct. 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Quantexa, une société mondiale de logiciels de données et d’analyse pionnière dans l’intelligence décisionnelle contextuelle (CDI) qui aide les plus grandes organisations et agences gouvernementales à résoudre certains de leurs défis de données les plus difficiles, a annoncé aujourd’hui avoir été reconnue comme un leader de catégorie dans le rapport 2022 Chartis KYC Solutions Market Update and Vendor Landscape (Mise à jour sur le marché et paysage des fournisseurs de solutions KYC) qui vient d’être publié. Quantexa est reconnue comme un leader de catégorie pour l’exhaustivité de sa solution d’entreprise ainsi que pour son potentiel de marché. La solution KYC de Quantexa a été classée « Meilleure de sa catégorie » pour la notation des risques KYC et l’enrichissement du profil client avec des données supplémentaires, et a reçu un classement avancé pour l’intégration et le reporting des clients, ainsi que le tableau de bord.

Le rapport Chartis KYC se concentre sur les macro-thèmes de l’économie et de l’efficacité. À l’heure actuelle, les processus KYC peuvent être manuels, sujets aux erreurs et entraîner une mauvaise expérience tout au long du cycle de vie du client. La plateforme d’intelligence décisionnelle de Quantexa transforme l’approche des processus KYC en ajoutant du contexte et de la clarté de l’intégration à la sortie, en surveillant et en évaluant de manière dynamique les risques et opportunités des clients, et en passant des examens périodiques manuels à un processus automatisé et proactif.

La plateforme connecte les données internes et externes pour créer une vision unique, enrichie et holistique d’un client et de son contrôle, et révèle les connexions cachées entre les clients, les contreparties et leurs comportements qui sont souvent impossibles à voir de manière isolée. En plus de l’automatisation et de l’utilisation de l’IA pour obtenir de l’efficacité, la solution facilite une compréhension continue et éclairée des clients pour une prise de décisions de meilleure qualité et plus rapide tout au long de l’acceptation, de l’identification, de la surveillance de l’activité et des processus de gestion des risques du client.

Le positionnement de Quantexa dans le rapport reflète les résultats éprouvés de ses clients et prouve que l’adoption d’une approche contextuelle et perpétuelle des processus KYC réduit le temps et les coûts impliqués pour les entreprises. Cela transforme également ce qui est devenu un exercice de cases à cocher en un but réel de comprendre le risque et l’exposition induits par l’activité du client. En augmentant l’automatisation et en utilisant l’intelligence décisionnelle, les entreprises conservent une longueur d’avance sur le volume et la vitesse des données liées aux politiques et processus KYC et peuvent libérer leurs équipes, afin qu’elles aient plus de temps pour se concentrer sur les clients à haut risque et les tâches à valeur ajoutée.

Citation : Phillip Mackenzie, spécialiste principal de la recherche chez Chartis
« Le rapport Chartis RiskTech Quadrant pour les processus KYC ne se contente pas de décrire une solution technologique comme la meilleure. En effet, nous utilisons la méthodologie de classement la plus sophistiquée pour expliquer quelle solution serait la plus adaptée pour les acheteurs, en fonction de leurs stratégies de mise en œuvre. Notre étude révèle que la solution KYC de Quantexa offre aux entreprises les contrôles nécessaires pour répondre aux risques liés à l’utilisation de l’IA dans leurs programmes de conformité. »

Citation : Dan Higgins, directeur des produits chez Quantexa
« Quantexa est ravie d’être incluse dans le rapport Chartis KYC Market Quadrant, se positionnant très fortement parmi une liste estimée de fournisseurs de solutions d’entreprise. La diligence raisonnable continue traditionnelle et les mises à jour périodiques de KYC continuent d’accroître les coûts et la complexité pour les entreprises. Les pressions croissantes des réglementations, des budgets et des clients exigent une nouvelle façon de penser. L’approche contextuelle de Quantexa réduit le temps et le coût des processus KYC en augmentant l’automatisation, en connectant des relations non évidentes et en tirant parti de l’intelligence décisionnelle pour la surveillance perpétuelle des risques. Cela se traduit par une identification et une gestion des risques plus précises, des coûts réduits et une meilleure expérience client. Nous sommes convaincus que cette approche continuera de fournir de la valeur à nos clients et de stimuler la croissance globale du marché pour Quantexa. »

Quantexa est une société mondiale de logiciels de données et d’analyse pionnière dans l’intelligence décisionnelle contextuelle qui permet aux organisations de prendre des décisions opérationnelles fiables en rendant les données significatives. En utilisant les dernières avancées en matière de big data et d’IA, la plateforme de Quantexa met à jour les risques cachés et les nouvelles opportunités en fournissant une vue contextuelle et connectée des données internes et externes en un seul endroit. Elle résout des défis majeurs dans les domaines de la gestion des données, de la connaissance du client, de l’intelligence client, de la criminalité financière, des risques, de la fraude et de la sécurité, tout au long du cycle de vie client.

La plateforme d’intelligence décisionnelle Quantexa améliore les performances opérationnelles avec une précision de plus de 90 % et une résolution de modèle analytique 60 fois plus rapide que les approches traditionnelles. Fondée en 2016, Quantexa compte désormais plus de 500 employés et des milliers d’utilisateurs travaillant avec des milliards de transactions et de points de données à travers le monde. La société possède des bureaux à Londres, New York, Boston, Washington DC, Bruxelles, Toronto, Singapour, Melbourne et Sydney. Pour tout complément d’information, veuillez contacter Quantexa ici ou suivez-nous sur LinkedIn.

Chartis est un cabinet de recherche et de conseil qui fournit des conseils technologiques et commerciaux au secteur mondial de la gestion des risques. Chartis fournit des informations indépendantes sur la dynamique du marché, les tendances réglementaires, les tendances technologiques, les meilleures pratiques, les paysages concurrentiels, la taille du marché, les priorités de dépenses, les fusions et les acquisitions. Les rapports Quadrant RiskTech de Chartis sont rédigés par des analystes expérimentés ayant une expérience pratique de la sélection, du développement et de la mise en œuvre de systèmes de gestion des risques pour une variété d’entreprises internationales dans divers secteurs, y compris les banques, les assurances, les marchés de capitaux, l’énergie et le secteur public.

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