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Sudan Forces Block Protest Press Conference Ahead of Rally

Members of Sudan’s powerful paramilitary Rapid Support Forces prevented protest leaders from addressing journalists on Saturday, the eve of a mass rally against the ruling generals, protest organizers said.

Sudan’s umbrella protest movement, the Alliance for Freedom and Change, has …

Experts Warn Mali Border Violence Could Spiral Out of Control

A volatile mix of intercommunal conflict and violent extremism near Mali’s border with Niger and Burkina Faso has become a looming crisis, experts are warning.

Yearslong regional violence has spiked in recent months, making headlines and raising concerns that overstretched …

‫الإرادة السياسية والتمويل المبتكر – عنصران أساسيان في تحويل المدن الأفريقية الذكية إلى واقع ملموس

كيب تاون، جنوب أفريقيا، 27 يونيو 2019 /PRNewswire/ — شارك لوران لاموت في منتدى أنجوتيك وهو أشهر المنتديات المُختصة بالابتكار في أنجولا. شارك لاموت، المعروف بأنه أنجح رؤساء وزراء هايتي وأطولهم مدة خدمة، بصفته محكِّمًا ليشارك بخبراته في استخدام التمويل

TRACE récompense deux équipes d’Afrique son prix 2019 du journalisme d’investigation : les articles dévoilent la corruption et les pots-de-vin en temps de guerre dans les ventes de pétrole

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland, 27 juin 2019 /PRNewswire/ — TRACE Foundation , une organisation à but non lucratif créée par TRACE afin d’appuyer des projets qui encouragent une plus grande transparence commerciale, a annoncé la nuit dernière les lauréats du prix TRACE …

US Urges ‘No Violence’ as Sudan Braces for Mass Demonstration Sunday

STATE DEPARTMENT – The United States is urging the Sudanese security forces and military not to use violence as the planned June 30 mass demonstration approaches.

June 30 is the deadline that the African Union (AU) gave Sudan’s Transitional Military …

South Africa’s records FDI inflows of 11.7 bln rand in Q1

PRETORIA, South Africa’s foreign direct investment swung to inflows in the first quarter from outflows in the final quarter of last year as domestic private firms received equity and debt funding from foreign parent companies, the central bank said.

Foreign …