Zaire: Vice President stresses benefits of future General Hospital

Angola´s Vice President Esperança da Costa highlighted Wednesday the valences of the future General Hospital of Zaire, adding that the infrastructure, under construction, will provide greater benefits to the population due to its varied range of services.

The Vice President of Republic was taking stock of her 48-hour visit to Mbanza Kongo, northern Zaire province, started on Tuesday in that region.

Esperança da Costa said that the future general hospital is a project in full development, a hospital of reference which will have different diagnostic means to help the population with better services.

The General Hospital of Zaire, estimated at USD 87.8 million, comprises four operating rooms and six wards. It will provide services in physiotherapy, hemodialysis, imaging, neonatal care, pediatrics, maternity, and therapeutic diagnosis, among others.

After visiting the hospital´s construction works, Esperança da Costa told reporters that with coming into operation of the hospital the local population will have a quality and humanised service.

The construction works, which started in 2014 and resumed in June 2022, are set to end this year.

In Mbanza Kongo, the Vice-President chaired the 1st Ordinary Session of the Multi-sector Commission for the Safeguarding of World Cultural Heritage and the re-opening of the Comandante Bula cultural center.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)