Zaire: Tomboco to have an industrial park

Tomboco – The governor of the northern Zaire province, Jose Joanes Andre, highlighted the important role of the industrial park to be installed inTomboco municipality, due to its contribution to the diversification of the country?s economy and the creation of new workplace for citizens.

The official said so at the end of a visit he paid to the referred park, which has started to be implemented since last January in a 12-hectare area that will count in this year on an orange, tangerine and pineapple juice factory produced in the locality.

On the occasion, the governor also urged businesspeople to invest in the varied industrial park to be created in the province, so that they can take advantage of the countless potential available in the province.

Jose Joanes Andre ensured that, in a first phase, the Tomboco industrial park will be served by electricity generator groups, a situation that will be in the near future reversed with the power supply from the Soyo Combined Cycle power station.

The same perspective was advanced in relation to the supply of drinking water to referred to industrial hub, which will also have three logistical platforms, benefiting from 100 cubic meters capacity.

Source: Angola Press News Agency