Zaire: Police boss assesses operative situation of corporation

Soyo – The general commander of the National Police, chief commissioner Ambrosio de Lemos, paid on Wednesday a working visit to Soyo municipality, northern Zaire province, among other activities, to check the operative situation of the corporation in the region.

According to the programme of the visit, shortly after his arrival Ambrosio de Lemos held a courtesy meeting with the provincial governor of Zaire, Jose Joanes Andre.

During his stay in Soyo, the police boss presided over the delivery act of nautical devices and lorries to the Second Unit of the Border Police in Soyo, aiming for greater control and inspection of the maritime, fluvial and terrestrial frontier.

The equipment, handed over by the general commander of the National Police, are mainly intended to enhance combative action against illegal immigration and trafficking of fuel across the border with the neighbouring Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Source: Angola Press News Agency