Writer stresses President’s governance

“No one ever imagined, said the writer, alluding to the recent past, the truth is that not long ago, two years, we experienced a period of stagnation, with no great hope of change,” he told the state-run Jornal de Angola.

Addressing the ongoing political transition in the country, Agualusa, who resides in Mozambique, said that JoAPound o Lourenco brought an end to the fear among civil society.”

According to the writer, who is in Angola to attend a creative writing workshop, the fear moved to the ruling party itself.

“Those who live in fear today are the historical militants, those who still do not know well what will happen,” he said.

In the interview, the writer emphasised that the country is on the way of stronger democracy, although, from his point of view, much remains to be done.

As for the implementation of Local Power for 2020, he described the initiative as a good sign, stressing that there are other challenges, such as de-partisan the state apparatus and make the opposition stronger and credible.

He said that “democracy entails not only a strong Government, but also a strong opposition”.

On the fight against corruption, one of the flags of JoAPound o Lourenco presidency, Jose Eduardo Agualusa said that this fight must begin within the MPLA, due to rapid enrichment within party.

According to him, the whole society has the duty to support President JoAPound o Lourenco in the fight against corruption.

Source: Angola Press News Agency