Windhoek: NYSS Security Guards Hold Peaceful Demonstration

In Windhoek, National Youth Security Services (NYSS) guards staged a peaceful protest on Wednesday, demanding an increase in hourly wages. Currently earning N.dollars 7.75 per hour, they seek a raise to the minimum wage of N.dollars 10.00, as per government regulation, effective from 15 December 2023. Rachel Stefanus, representing the NYSS guards, emphasized their refusal to endure further exploitation by NYSS management.
According to Namibia Press Agency (NAMPA), She pointed out that a 2016 collective agreement for the security industry’s minimum wage, signed by the Security Association of Namibia and related trade unions, has been ignored by NYSS, leading to a lack of salary improvements and contravention of the agreement designed to enhance security officers’ living standards. Stefanus also highlighted NYSS’s non-compliance with a non-compliance order issued in 2018 after the matter was taken up by trade unions. Ben Biwa, NYSS business development manager, received the petition from the protesters, promising to convey their demands to the Minister of Sport, Youth and National Service, Agnes Tjongarero, and the NYSS Commissioner, Felix Musukubili.