WHO AFRO Outbreaks and Other Emergencies, Week 52: 22 – 28 December 2018 Data as reported by 17:00; 28 December 2018

This Weekly Bulletin focuses on selected acute public health emergencies occurring in the WHO African Region. The WHO Health Emergencies Programme (WHE) is currently monitoring 59 events in the region. This week’s edition covers key ongoing events, including:

Ebola virus disease outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Measles in Madagascar

Humanitarian crisis in Nigeria.

For each of these events, a brief description, followed by public health measures implemented and an interpretation of the situation is provided.

Major issues and challenges include:

The response to the Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has reached a critical point. The recent challenging security environment has impacted key response activities in some affected areas, notably Beni and Butembo. The ongoing insecurity context could compromise marked improvements in controlling the outbreak, including a recent decrease in cases in Beni. Despite increased insecurity this week, WHO teams are still in place in all Ebola response areas, but some activities have been disrupted.

The measles outbreak in Madagascar is ongoing. Although a downward trend in the weekly case incidence has been observed over the past two weeks, the outbreak has spread to additional districts and all the regions are now affected. Additional funds should be mobilized to conduct a nationwide reactive vaccination campaign targeting all districts in order to prevent the spread of the outbreak to non-affected districts and avoid an even larger epidemic.

Source: World Health Organization