MAPUTO, Restrictions on the supply of water to the Greater Maputo Metropolitan Area, imposed in January, have finally been lifted.

Speaking to a session of the Maputo City government on Tuesday, Jose Barata, the technical director of the Maputo Regional Water Company (AdM), said enough rain had fallen so far this year to allow AdeM to resume normal supplies of water.

The water supply for Maputo, the neighbouring city of Matola, and Boane district comes from the pumping and treatment station on the Umbeluzi river. The river is fed by the reservoir behind the Pequenos Libombos Dam, whose level fell to around 13 per cent of capacity in early January.

Barata said the situation on the Umbeluzi River had improved enough to lift the pumping restrictions. Now all areas covered by AdeM are receiving water for an average of eight hours a day.

Barata also reported that attempts had been made to solve the water crisis by opening more boreholes to draw on water in Maputo aquifers. However, two boreholes drilled in downtown Maputo did not produce the results hoped for. “Productivity was very low,” said Barata, and as we continued drilling, we found a high level of salinity.”

AdeM has not given up. Barata said the company is looking for new places to open boreholes, and one is currently being opened in the outer Mauto neighbourhood of Laulane.