Water company in Bengo needs 650 million kwanzas

In an interview with Angop, the official said that the concern was recently presented to finance minister Acher Mangueira, who was handed a memorandum that reflects the company’s real situation, as well as a proposal to allocate a single start-up fund in value of 650 million kwanzas.

With a production of around 6,000 cubic meters of water per day, equivalent to six million liters of water per day, Caxito presents a surplus of water production (not estimated), taking into account that its population does not consume 50 percent of production.

As an example, he informed, the water system of Porto-Quipiri in the 24 hours of the day, only operates little more than 8 hours, that is, only a third of the normal production.

The city of Caxito has the mabubas water system (the main one) with a daily capacity of 5,000 and 300 cubic meters / day, the sugar treatment station with 420 cubic meters / day and the Porto Quipiri with 185 cubic meters / day.

“The three stations together produce more than enough or 6,000 cubic meters / day, equivalent to 6 million liters of water per day.

The official said that not all production is used because there are many technical and commercial losses. The commercials are due to the fact that in a universe of 11 thousand connections (consumers) there are only 4 thousand and 300 customers (consumers with contracts and who pay) or the company loses a billing of seven thousand customers.

The technical losses stem from the breakdowns related to the obsolete state of the distribution network (bursting of pipes and cables) which makes the losses quite high, he said.

The company has as immediate perspective, the reception of the Capari and Panguila systems which, in terms of water, still belong to EPAL. Negotiations are in progress and Epal’s assets will soon be transferred to Egos from Bengo, Jose Jorge said, adding that if it does, it will allow it to raise more revenues for the company.

He also informed that, within the framework of the requalification program of the city of Caxito, the project for the construction of the urban sewage network is being carried out, which will feed the wastewater treatment plant located after the pumagol pumps, towards Caxito / sugar mill).

In operation for only two years, the epas inherited liabilities from the installment commission and some debts that it has been gradually reimbursing and which are around 14 million kwanzas.

The company that collects monthly between 10 and 11 million kwanzas / month, reduced the value of the water contract from 15 thousand to 7 thousand kwanzas and charges its customers the amount of 1,000 kwanzas / month.

Epas do Bengo has 87 workers who do not receive salaries for two years, and receive only a subsidy of 35 thousand kwanzas.

Although the company is of provincial scope, being new and without human and technical resources to cover the entire province beyond Caxito and surrounding areas (sugar and Port-Quipiri), the municipalities only provide timely technical assistance, as the systems are delivered the headquarters of municipal administrations.

In communes, neighborhoods and villages, the management of small systems is done by the water for all program.

Source: Angola Press News Agency