Walvis Bay to host first maritime festival

A first of its kind Walvis Bay Maritime Festival is scheduled to take place with the objective to highlight the indispensable contribution of the industry to the country’s economic growth and development.

The inaugural edition of the festival will take place at Walvis Bay on Friday and Saturday, 04-05 August 2023, under the theme ‘Preserving a Healthy Ocean Ecosystem for a Resilient Economy’.

The theme underscores the importance of maintaining a balance between deriving economic benefits from the ocean and preserving the ocean ecosystem in a sustainable manner.

The festival according to Walvis Bay Mayor Trevino Forbes in a media release, aims to celebrate Namibia’s rich maritime heritage and highlight the importance of preserving the ocean for a sustainable and resilient economy.

“It is worth highlighting that the Walvis Bay Maritime Festival also aims to shed light on the significant contributions of the blue economy to our town’s economic growth and development.

This event will provide a platform for industry players to showcase and share their work, products, and innovations,” he expressed.

According to Forbes, the blue economy encompasses a wide range of sectors, including marine transportation, fisheries, renewable energy, tourism and more, therefore showcasing these industries at the maritime festival, will demonstrate the diverse opportunities and economic potential that lie within the country’s oceans.

“The festival will offer insights into the strides our local businesses and organisations have made in harnessing the resources of the sea sustainably.

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the latest technologies, initiatives and best practices that are driving economic growth while maintaining the health and vitality of our ocean ecosystem,” the mayor emphasised.

The two-day event will also feature various forms of entertainment, including musical performances, a seafood cook-off, a fish filleting competition, sports games, and special entertainment for kids. Additionally, residents will have an opportunity to witness a colourful street procession led by the Namibian Navy.

The event will be preceded by a clean-up campaign at Independence Beach on Thursday.

Source: NAMPA