Voter registration ends with over nine million voters registered

Luanda – The updating of the voter registration database, a process that started August 25 last year, formally ended last Friday in Luanda, in a ceremony led by the Chief of Staff of the Angolan President and coordinator of the Inter-ministerial Commission of Support to the Electoral Registration (CIARE), Manuel da Cruz Neto.

According to the preliminary data presented by the secretary of State for Institutional Affairs, AdAPound o de Almeida, until Thursday, March 30, at least 9.2million citizens were registered in the system, of which 2.6 million are new records.

During the special period that ran from 20 December 2016 to 5 January 2017, more than 4,000 citizens living abroad were registered, particularly those who visited the country during the festive season.

The process of updating the Electoral Register and registration of new voters had a total period of 204 days of operations, and was carried out by 259 voter registration agents.

For this operation over 6,000 political party inspectors were accredited.

According to AdAPound o de Almeida, more than 10 million operations were carried out, that being an average of 49,000 per day, and more than four million voter cards were printed, with a daily average of 28,000 cards.

With regard to operations in difficult areas to reach, more than 230 locations were reached by helicopter, involving 80 pilots of the National Air Force and the National Police.

The event was attended by the chairman of the National Electoral Commission (CNE), Andre da Silva Neto, and by about 400 guests, including representatives of the diplomatic corps, political parties and civil society organisations.

Source: Angola Press News Agency