Vinevala Farm strengthens cereal production

Vinevala farm pledges to continue to be one of the top cereal producers in Angola, with the main focus on the wheat production.

Located in the municipality of Chinguar, central Bié province, the farm has 15,000 hectares of land available for the production of various products, such as rice, wheat, beans, soybeans and corn.

Vinevala foresees to become, in two years, a reference supplier in the country’s southern region, in particular, and in Angola, in general, despite the constraints in the international market.

However, the farm, which seeks self-sufficiency, invests in the production of various cereals, in an area of approximately 15,000 hectares of land, distributed across the provinces of Bié and Huambo.

Only in relation to the wheat, the farm plans to expand its cultivation field from 2,000 to 3,000 hectares, aimed to respond to the growing demand of the buyers.

Alfeu Vinevala, the owner of Vinevala, who was speaking to ANGOP, said that the goal is to help the country compete with other States in the production of cereals, mainly wheat.

Meanwhile, the businessman requested support from the banking sector to reach this goal.

By the year 2022, the farm had cultivated 400 hectares of maize, 200 hectares of soybeans and 280 hectares of beans. On the other hand,

there was in stock 700 tonnes of wheat, 200 tonnes of corn, 120 tonnes of beans and 60 tonnes of soybeans.

The source added that for current agricultural campaign the farm expects to harvest 4,000 tons of wheat, 200 tons of soybeans, 250 tons of beans and various cereals.

Meanwhile, the production of cereals on a large scale will be one of the priorities of the Angolan Government in the five-year period 2022-2027, a goal that is intended to be achieved with the implementation of the National Plan for the Promotion of Grain Production (PLANAGRAN).

The strategy, starting this year (2023), aims to ensure the country’s self-sufficiency in field production, by making public and private funds available to farmers and farmers, who say they are ready to boost PLANAGRÃO.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)