Urbanization Minister Defends Preservation of Historic Cities (allAfrica.com)

The minister of Urbanization and Housing, José Silva, said on Tuesday in Luanda that the emergence of new infrastructure and expansions of cities must comply with territorial development with historical value in the country.
The official, who was speaking to the press, on the occasion of the International Conference on Urbanization, themed “The role of urbanization in the cities of the future”, explained that the preservation and respect for the historical heritage must be met in a sustainable way, so as to keep their identity.
On the other hand, he praised the business group Teixeira Duarte, for having initiatives that permit the sharing of experiences and realities of different countries, on issues related to the expansion and the future of cities, due to the population growth that takes place in the urban centres.
“Population growth in cities should be given to every society a vision of planning or perspective that is more and more comfortable, safe and consolidated in the life of all citizens”, stressed the minister.
He assured that there is an urgent need for planning that enables physical, economic and environmental growth of the spaces sustainability.
The official pointed out that his ministry is working on the enforcement and implementation of territorial development tool to guide the growth and expansion of cities, taking into account the historic nature safeguarded for future cities.
Among individualities and lecturers, the event is being attended by over 200 delegates from Angola, Brazil, Mozambique and Portugal.
Source: Business