Urbanisation challenges Khomas Regional Council: Moonde

WINDHOEK: The Khomas Regional Council is facing challenges in delivering access to clean water and sanitation due to urbanisation, council Chairperson Shaalukeni Moonde has stressed.

Moonde, while speaking at the official opening of the council here on Friday, emphasised that urbanisation has become a big issue for the region, hampering the development plans and service delivery, such as the provision of clean water and sanitation.

He said the council has allocated a budget of N.dollars 4.5 million towards water provision in Windhoek rural areas during the 2023/24 financial year.

Moonde further indicated that a budget of N.dollars 1.7 million has been allocated for the construction of 103 dry toilets in rural areas during the 2023/24 financial year, adding that five households were provided with flushing toilets under the pilot project of converting dry toilets to the flushing system to a tune of N.dollars 361 503.

‘We strive to uplift the livelihood of our region inhabitants by implementing demand-driven
programmes timeously leveraging on resources at our disposal. I am therefore calling upon the political arm and the administrative arm to uphold the strong bond of working together as per our institutional culture, and to pull in the same direction to ensure that we restore the Khomas resident’s dignity and drive our community to prosperity,’ he noted.

At the same event, Khomas Regional Governor Laura McLeod-Katjirua said the council has made several evident and tangible sacrifices in the community despite challenges to improve the living standard of inhabitants by accelerated regional socio-economic development.

‘The 2024 daunting task on our shoulders calls for unity of purpose and a collective pledge of diligence in the execution of duties as accountable development organs of the region,’ she noted.

Source: Namibia Press Agency