MAPUTO, The Mozambican Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy hopes to expand the national electricity grid so that all Mozambicans will have access to electrical power by 2030.

Speaking to the media during the annual meeting between the Ministry’s leaders and its co-operation partners, the National Director of Energy, Pascoal Bacela, said currently the national grid reaches 26 per cent of the population. A significant number of other citizens, however, receive power from solar panels.

He was confident that by 2030, the country can indeed, with the support of its partners, achieve universal electricity coverage. Certainly we shall meet this challenge, and comply with what flows from the United Nations initiative in terms of attaining universal access to energy. Bacela declared.

Bacela said the government was investing about 100 million US dollars a year, 70 per cent of which is provided by its foreign partners, in expanding the electricity grid. This figure does not include the support given directly by some donors to specific projects. Among these specific project is a solar power station at Mocuba, in the central province of Zambezia, and a combined cycle gas power station in Maputo.

The Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Leticia Klemens, told the meeting that, in addition to universal access to electricity, the challenges her sector faces include improving electricity infrastructures, in order to ensure reliable power for agriculture and industry, and creating technical competence for regulating the hydrocarbon sector.

The government, she said, has every desire to continue working with its partners. There are 26 of these cooperation partners, 17 of them working in the energy area, while the remaining nine are concerned with mineral resources, and particularly with the extractive industries.