UNAMID Organizes a Peaceful Co-Existence Workshop for Darfuri Farmers and Nomads in Zalingei, Central Darfur

On 16 December, more than 80 farmers, nomads, members of civil society and local journalists attended a one-day workshop organized by UNAMID’s Communications and Public Information Section (CPIS), in partnership with the Mission’s Governance and Community Stabilization Section. The workshop, conducted by under the theme: Darfuri Farmers and Nomads Talking Peacerdquo;, was aimed at promoting peaceful co-existence among the local communities, especially during the current harvest season.

During their discussion, the participants appealed for the empowerment of local native administration structures to enable them to play an effective role in mitigating tension between farmers and nomads, the provision of capacity building training for herders and construction of dams and reservoirs for livestock. Participants also urged the Government of Sudan to provide health and education services to the nomadic community and to establish local markets and veterinary offices.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the workshop, the Secretary General of central Darfur state, Al-Shartai (Native Administrative Leader) Hussein Bakhit, appreciated UNAMID’s valuable support to the local crop committees which led to a successful harvest season in Central Darfur. UNAMID is our partner in peace, development and provision of basic services in Darfur and Sudan in General.

Our transitional Government is focused on achievement of achieve peace in Darfur through the establishment of the local chapter of the Peace Council. I strongly urge farmers and herders to adhere to set government rules and regulations on defined migratory routes to avoid conflict. All participants must take on the responsibility to disseminate the knowledge acquired during this workshop to local communities in all localities of Central Darfur,rdquo; Mr. Bakhit added.

Representing participants, Dr. Zainelabdeen Adam, underlined the importance of organizing such workshops for the youth from the farmers and herders’ communities, noting that youth are sometimes the main drivers of conflict between the communities. He further recommended the conduct of an awareness campaign for the youth to help fight drugs and address anger issues that ignite some of these conflicts. I also welcome the participation of women in the workshop as women play a very important role in achieving social peace in affected communities,rdquo; Mr. Adam added.

Dr. El Nour Musa Bahareldeen, from the Peace and Development Institution at Zalingei University, Dr. El Nour Musa Bahareldeen, emphasized the importance of the workshop in achieving peaceful co-existence between the farmers and nomads and called on UNAMID to organize similar workshops in the various localities, especially in the critical areas of Zalingei and Nertiti localities, central Darfur.

Source: African Union-United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID).