UNACA to create co-operative for agricultural credit

ANGOP has learnt that this is intended to be a non banking institution that can receive deposits from members and carry out credit operations, but functioning under the approval of the BNA.

According to the chairman of UNACA, Albano Lussati, the creation of an agriculture credit co-operative will help to improve the production of the peasant families affiliated with the organisation.

Speaking last Wednesday at the opening of a seminar on agriculture credit co-operatives, Albano Lussati appealed to farmers to have their co-operatives properly legalised, because this is an important step to be able to get credit.

During the seminar, the participants were informed about the steps to be taken for one to become a member of the farming co-operatives and the guidelines issued by the BNA regarding credit grant and the charging of interest.

Source: Angola Press News Agency