UK Support for Tunisia 2016-2017

The UK’s programmes in Tunisia are implemented through working closely with the Tunisian Government, civil society and other international representatives in Tunisia to ensure their effective coordination and delivery.

UK Development Programmes in Tunisia 2016-2017


Since the revolution, the UK has been providing assistance in a range of areas. This includes:

Training and equipping Tunisian security personnel to help protect civilians from terrorism.

Working with the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Defence to enhance border security.

Working with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime to strengthen Tunisian capabilities to combat migrant smuggling in the region.

Helping to strengthen airport security.

Assisting the Tunisian Government to develop their own capacity to counter violent extremism.

Supporting community policing and counter radicalisation initiatives.

Developing Tunisia’s security and justice sector strategic capabilities through building strengthened and accountable institutions.


Promoting entrepreneurship with young Tunisians in the poorest regions through supporting to third edition of the African Development Bank’sSouk Attanmia programme.

Supporting reform to the financial sector in collaboration with the World Bank.


Providing technical assistance to the Presidency of the Government and the Ministry of Public Administration to help develop new systems to manage policy decision making and reducing public sector corruption.

Strengthening the Government of Tunisia’s ability to conduct strategic communications focusing on crises communication and promoting reforms.

Supporting Tunisian initiatives through the United Nations Development Programme to engage youth in the local elections planned for 2017.

Strengthening access to justice to support the implementation of democratic and human rights.


Increasing the ability of Tunisian Public television to develop programmes and media content that engage young Tunisians.Ija Inboxrdquo;is the first Tunisian TV programme designed for and by Tunisian youth offering an interactive platform where they can express their opinions, develop skills and understand key issues that affect their lives.

Human Rights

Implementing the Tunisian constitution through new legislation to strengthen the rule of law.

Defending the rights of minority groups by promoting the provision of support services.

Funding regional projects on tackling gender-based violence and discrimination.

Supporting regional initiatives to promote freedom of expression and promoting stable pluralistic societies; defending freedom of religion or belief; and torture prevention.

UK Development Assistance in Tunisia 2011 – 2015

The United Kingdom has been running development programmes in Tunisia since the 2011 Revolution. To date, the UK’s bilateral assistance has been worth around pound;24 million, equivalent to TND 71 million.

Our programmes have supported:

Political Participation

Electoral Process

Anti-Corruption and the Rule of Law

Good Governance

Freedom of Expression and Public Voice

Economic Growth and Youth Employability

Security Sector Reform and Border Security

Source: British Embassy in Tunis.