Tunisia: Tunisair to investigate tension among workers

Tunis – After flights of Tunisair were grounded on Thursday due to tensions between aircrew personnel and the technical department, the CEO of the company has promised legal sanctions on those found guilty.

Ilyes Mnakbi has termed the behaviour as unacceptable for Tunisair considering the financial difficulties faced by the company in recent years.

“There will be prosecution. It is regrettable and this will be painful, because our country today can no longer withstand this excesses, Tunisair is vital for our economy,” Ilyes Mnakbi, CEO of Tunisair said.

The Secretary General says investigations on the matter will be meticulously done.

“It is too early to pronounce but we hope to have answers determining the responsibility of everyone, in order to be able to take the decisions that are needed. Now the flights are back to normal. It is a provisional suspension and other technical measures will be taken to ensure that this incident does not occur again,” Jamel Chirigui, Secretary General of Tuniisair said.

The incident was caused by distribution of uniforms to workers.

Last month mechanics of Tunisair were given uniforms which looked similar to those worn by pilots. The pilots openly disagreed with the move.

Source: Angola Press News Agency