Tree planting marks celebrations of National Environmental Education Day

Huambo – Six hundred trees will be planted Tuesday in the central Huambo province to celebrate the National Environmental Education Day, said Friday the technician of the environment department of the local Territory Development, Urbanisation and Environment, Sofia Antonio.

In addition to this action, he said that it will be held an eco-cultural exhibition and the presentation of the provincial plan of urban waste management, toward the event.

She announced that the activities that marked the National Environmental Education Day was opened Thursday, and until Tuesday several events will be conducted to raise awareness of the importance of the environment.

The World Environmental Education Day is celebrated annually on January 26 and was established by the United Nations (UN).

This date was established by the UN to mark the 1975 International Conference on Environmental Education in Belgrade (Serbia).

This year, the date is celebrated under the motto “Educate in Prevention to Ensure Sustainability”.

Source: Angola Press News Agency