Transformers handed over to Linyanti Constituency villages

Concerns of rural electrification will be a thing of the past in some parts of the three villages of the Linyanti Constituency in Zambezi after two transformers were handed over to the villages by the Zambezi Regional Council on Thursday.

Officially handing over the transformers, Katima Mulilo Constituency Councillor Warden Simushi called on the communities to take care of the new infrastructure, and continue supporting and cooperating with their councillors, in order to bring desired development to their constituencies.

Simushi argued that a divided people cannot conquer anything until they unite and move forward together.

“Nobody will come from outside the region to come and develop your constituency and region, hence the need to unite and cooperate with the political leaders and plan together for the future of your children,” he said.

He further argued that communities should not burden their councillors with the constituency responsibilities but assist them wherever possible.

Welcoming the transformers, some of the communities expressed joy, calling for two more transformers so that the remaining villages can benefit as well.

Linyanti Constituency Councillor Iven Kabuga revealed that instead of dividing the allocated N.dollars 200 000 among the residents for income-generating projects, his office saw it fit to invest in a communal investment by buying transformers. The transformers’ funding comes from the Constituency Development Fund initiative under the regional council.

The regional council receives varying project proposals from constituencies – from projects such as rural electrification, projects supporting agriculture, rural water supply and livestock, to small business support and small market stalls.

This year’s allocation gave each of Zambezi’s eight constituencies N.dollars 200 000, and the Linyanti Constituency added an extra N.dollars 38 000 to purchase the two transformers.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency