Tocoist bishop praises political transition in Angola

Luanda – The bishop of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the World (Tocoist), Afonso Nunes, expressed his satisfaction on Wednesday in Luanda at the peaceful power transition underway the country, in the framework of the 2017 general elections.

The religious leader said so at a press conference on the 82nd anniversary of the “encounter of God with the Prophet SimAPound o Goncalves Toco”, held in Catete, municipality of Icolo and Bengo, on April 17, 1935, and the 100th birthday of this Prophet, to be marked next year.

According to him, the current power transition in Angola is a proof of political maturity of Angolan President, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, who was able to read the signs of the times and found the right time for change.

He appealed to the politicians’ common sense to remain calm in their public pronouncements before and after the release of the election results.

According to Bishop Afonso Nunes, “the politicians must be mature enough to be able to convince the electorate, having a moderate language in the presentation of their programmes of governance, as this election will count on the participation of citizens who did not vote in previous elections”.

He said that the church will intercede so that the elections may take place in a climate of peace and without any constraints.

On the other hand, the Tocoist bishop announced that the church will hold a pilgrimage, supported by the National Police, Medical Emergency Services and by the administrative authorities of Catete.

Source: Angola Press News Agency