The New Age of Agriculture Is Here with Grand Opening of Smart Vertical Farm Facility in Hamilton, OH

DELFT, Netherlands, Jan. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Infinite Acres, a full-service, global solutions provider of state-of-the-art vertical farming facilities, celebrates the grand opening of 80 Acres’ newest farm, powered by Infinite Acres technology. It marks the build completion and initial production scale harvest of their largest facility to date.

At approximately 70,000 square feet, the new facility is larger than a football field and contains ten growing layers. It can produce 10 million servings of leafy greens and other vegetables per year while consuming 97% less water than traditional agriculture.

“Using an advanced array of sensors, the farm continually monitors and adapts the climate around each plant to support the optimum conditions throughout the growing cycle,” said Kees Breukel, Climate Innovator, Infinite Acres. “This allows us to reliably and consistently deliver high-quality produce without having to use pesticides or extend harvest dates due to weather variations.”

“The produce is great, with exceptional taste and appearance, and we are meeting or exceeding our yield expectations and unit economics,” said Tisha Livingston, Chief Executive Officer of Infinite Acres. “We are super excited about the farm and are ready to scale all over the world.”

While several other companies are actively involved in the vertical farming space, Infinite Acres is unique. Instead of building singular farms that grow produce to sell to local consumers, they are focused on de-risking the technology and infrastructure to support more rapid adoption worldwide. Their approach is being well received by investors and government leaders seeking to fortify food supplies in at-risk regions worldwide.

“Our newest farm proves out not only the technical viability but also the commercial viability of vertical farming at scale,” said Justin Schoemaker, V.P. Business Development, Infinite Acres. “This platform is deployable nearly anywhere in the world and is capable of providing highly nutritious, delicious, and affordable fresh produce in geographies that lack local produce growing capacity and where transport logistics issues make fresh produce unavailable.”

About Infinite Acres
Infinite Acres designs, builds and maintains automated vertical farms for customers worldwide. They provide their customers with uniquely developed crop recipes and the right unit economics through state-of-the-art facilities. Infinite Acres is headquartered in Delft, Netherlands. For more information, visit