Territory Ministry recommends speed in I.D issuing

Luanda – The secretary of State for Institutional Matters of the Territory Administration Ministry, AdAPound o de Almeida, last Wednesday in Luanda appealed to the concerned state institutions to be speedy in the issuing of identity cards (IDs) to Angolan citizens, so that in future the voter registration work can be more efficient and credible.

The official said so at a meeting with representatives of political parties, in which he presented the provisional general report on the voter registration work, a meeting that was chaired by the incumbent Territory Administration minister, Bornito de Sousa.

The secretary of State also emphasised the need for the permanent voter registration system to be implemented.

AdAPound o de Almeida informed that the voter registration process � for the general elections scheduled for August this year � was conducted (by the Territory Administration Ministry) with transparency and good technical means, despite some constraints, mainly of financial character.

He also commended the work of the registration staffs, as well as the civic and mobilisation work done by the churches, political parties, chieftains and the media.

The Electoral Registration work took place from 25 August 2016 to 31 March 2017, resulting in an electoral database of just over 9.4 million potential voters.

Last Tuesday, the Territory Administration Ministry handed over to the National Electoral Commission (CNE) the Computerised File (Ficim) containing the data on the 2017 general election registered voters.

Source: Angola Press News Agency