Territory Ministry delivers penultimate monthly report on electoral registration

This procedure is part of the work of supervision by the CNE, which establishes the hand over to this body of a report of the operations of electoral registration each month, aiming at the transparency of the process and the general elections set for August, this year.

Speaking to the Press, the CNE spokeswoman, JA�lia Ferreira, said that the CNE plenary noted that there was a greater effort in relation to the extension of the electoral registration operations to the areas of difficult access, a task that is receiving assistance from military forces.

She pointed out that after the conclusion of the electoral registration process, set for the 31st of this month, the CNE will be in position to work more rigorously in the organisation of the Electoral Roll.

The electoral registration began on August 25, 2016.

So far, eight million voters are registered to vote, as revealed by the institution carrying out the voter registration work, that is, the Ministry of Territory Administration.

Source: Angola Press News Agency