DAR-ES-SALAAM, The police forces of Tanzanian and Mozambique have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to co-operate in the fight against terrorism, drug trafficking and other cross-border crimes in East Africa and other African countries.

Tanzania’s Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Simon Sirro, and his counterpart from Mozambique, Bernardino Rafael, signed the MoU at the Ministry of Home Affairs (Interior) here Monday. The MoU also provides for exchanges of intelligence information to safeguard the interest of both countries.

Sirro told the media that, following operations carried out by the Tanzania Police Force in Ikwiriri in Kibiti in Coast Region (Province) and some parts of Mtwara Region, prompted by indiscriminate killings, some perpetrators had crossed over to neigbouring Mozambique.

If they crossed the border to our neighbours, it doesn’t mean we are safe, we have to work with our counterparts from Mozambique to deal with these criminals, Sirro emphasised.

He noted that there was a report to the effect that four people allegedly linked to the violence in Coast Region and crossed the border, had been killed in Mozambique. He said that since East Africa and neighbouring countries were committed to fighting all forms of crime, it was difficult for the perpetrators to hide in any of those countries without being arrested.

If you hide in Rwanda, Congo, Burundi and Mozambique, you are not safe. we are working together and we share intelligence information. Africa is one and we are co-operating with our colleagues in the rest of East Africa and Africa simply because we want people to live peacefully, Sirro said.

Rafael thanked the Tanzanian government and its people after signing the MoU which aims at enabling the two sides to fight cross-border crimes, terrorism and extremism that endangered the lives of the people.

We want to fight crimes in collaboration with Tanzania; we have to keep our borders safe, IGP Rafael said, adding that the agreement would enable both countries to translate the idea into reality.

Rafael said the Mozambican Police Force would want to get experience from their Tanzanian counterparts in protecting natural resources. Our Police Force was trained here (Tanzania) and we want to become strong, if we become strong, the Tanzanian side would be strong too, the IGP added.