Syinix to launch new TVs on April 7 in Kenya, provides 4 tips on choosing a smart TV

NAIROBI, Kenya, April 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Syinix’s upcoming Android Q51/U51/A51 series TVs will provide smart audio-visual functions and will be available at sizes ranging from 32” to 75”, which can basically meet all users’ needs for an extraordinary home cinema experience.

Syinix, as the fastest growing electronic brand in Africa, is committed to creating high-quality and innovative household appliances with the help of an over-1,000-person R&D team.

First, Google Android system

Google Android TV OS is one of the best operating systems. It is authorized by Google to access the full Google Smart Ecosystem resources (such as NETFLIX,YouTube, Google Assistant, etc). In March 2022, Syinix joined Google in developing the latest Android 11 OS for the brand’s entire line of smart TVs, which enables customers to watch over 400,000+ movies and shows on all Syinix Android TVs.

Second, 4K resolution

The higher resolution, the finer the screen display. There are two main resolutions on the market: 2K and 4K, and the resolution of 4K TV is 3840*2160 . Syinix’s forthcoming U51 series offers 4K HDR TVs, which give you more details clearly and can increase your visual experience. You also need to know that 4K ULTRA HD TV requires 4K video sources to play its best display effect.

Third, the smooth TV picture

The smooth TV picture is also a key factor in choosing a smart TV. This is because trailing or dithering phenomenon in the motion pictures will greatly effect your entertainment experience, especially when you are watching action films or football games.

Thanks to the use of powerful chips and the A+PANEL, Syinix’s U51 smart TV series achieved a ultra-low response speed, and its high resolution of the motion picture intelligent optimization compensation helps to solve the picture jitter, tail, and shadow problems, which guarantees that customers can enjoy shows smoothly and clearly.

Fourth, sound quality

To have a theatrical experience at home, sound quality is also essential. The transmission of TV sound needs the support of high power. Basically, the higher the sound power, the better the sound.  Syinix TV’s new U51 series is equipped with 24W sound. As a TV designed for home cinema experience, Syinix U51 series also supports Dolby Audio to provide rich, clear and compelling sound at home.

Also, Syinix’s best after-sell services, such as “FREE TO HOME” after-sales services and many other more provided by Carlcare, allow you to choose Syinix without any after-sell worries. More information on Syinix brand and Syinix products, please visit

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