Syinix Launches World First Machine that can cook Africa Staple Food: Banku, FUFU etc.

ACCRA, Ghana, July 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — According to the study, 83% of African eat a variety of Swallow foods (such as Banku, fufu,etc.) as their staple food. For most of African, however, making swallow food is a difficult process, as users have to stir the food throughout, and the whole process is time-consuming as well. Therefore, a full-automatic Swallow Maker that are hands-free is the irresistible trend. On 28th July, Syinix officially unveiled the world’s first Swallow Maker in Accra, Ghana, creating a new era of fully automated cooking swallow food in Africa.

Syinix World's First Swallow Maker

Swallow Maker

Syinix Managing Director of West Africa Justin said at the launch event:” Welcome to witness this historic moment with Syinix. Swallow Maker is not only the first model for Syinix, but also the world’s first automatic swallow food cooking machine. Both the product concept and the functions of Swallow Maker are unique. It is fully automated, multifunctional, easy to clean and large capacity to bring easy and convenient cooking experience for African families.

Syinix is a high-end home appliance brand of Transsion Holdings, which also owns three major famous mobile phone brands in Africa: Tecno*, Infinix*, Itel*. Syinix has now spread to more than 20 countries in Africa, and it’s features of high quality and innovation , are becoming increasingly competitive and promising in the African market in recent years.
Syinix’s product team visited over 10 African countries and found that some of the swallow food process still involved using mortar and pestle, which requires two people to beat and turn the food constantly. Recently people start using pot and spoons which still requires manual mixing. After discovering these problems, Syinix’s product team eventually developed the world’s first fully automatic swallow maker after more than 2 years hard work.

Full automation:
Swallow maker as a fully automated machine, requires simple operations before delicious food is made. User will only need to pour the ingredients into the machine proportionally, and the rest of the human work is replaced by the machine. Compared to traditional production methods, swallow maker stops users from constantly stirring thus, can spend more time with their families and enjoy life.

Another function of Swallow maker is that it supports the production of all-purpose swallow food to ensure the taste and eating habits in different parts of Africa.For example, banku , fufu and konkonte in Ghana; eba, pounded yam, amala and semolina in Nigeria, and ugali in Kenya. In addition, Swallow maker supports creative cooking, allowing users to try out more new creative ingredients and recipes.

Large capacity & Easy to clean:
The “Swallow Maker” is a high-capacity device that support preparing meals for a family of four or five, which meets the needs of the majority African families. It’s removable knife set and non-stick coating design makes it convenient to clean up food residue.

Others functions:
Syinix takes full consideration of user needs in the whole process of developing Swallow Maker. The metal pot body and no modified material, as well as the special power operation mechanism, ensures the safe and stable production process of the machine. Other ingenious designs, such as the appearance of the machine, is inspired by traditional African handicrafts, and can effectively prevent it from falling off easily when holding or moving it. Syinix swallow maker successfully got a number of patents and the 2022 German Red Dot Design Award. It also support 13-month warranty period by Syinix’s after-sell service partner Carlcare* that guarantees the whole use experiences.

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