Swapo Kunene wraps up district conferences

The Swapo Party Kunene regional leadership has concluded its district conferences to elect office bearers.

The conferences were held in all seven districts of Sesfontein, Pupa, Opuwo Rural, Outjo, Opuwo Urban, Khorixas and Kamanjab from 05 to 13 August and elected coordinators, treasurers, and district mobilisers.

Announcing the outcome of the conferences here Thursday, Swapo’s regional administrator Emily Ndjiluwa said the conferences took place as provided for by Article 43 (10) of the Swapo Party constitution and in accordance with Sections 23 and 26 of the party rules and procedures for the election of party office bearers and party representatives at legislature and government level.

Ndjiluwa said Kephas Itaratjike was elected as Sesfontein district coordinator, while Uaanatjo Kakuva will head the Opuwo Rural district and Steven Tjambiru will serve as the Epupa district coordinator.

Former Opuwo town councillor Willemia Nashihua was elected as coordinator for Opuwo Urban, while Outjo voted for Ellis Geriseb. Hanna Lewe will oversee the district of Kamanjab.

Paulina Haragaes (Sesfontein); Lilia Kakori Kandetu (Opuwo Rural); Victorino Simon (Opuwo Urban); Paladia Augustinho (Epupa); Stella!Ganes (Khorixas); Issai Katambo (Outjo); and Pinehas Hashonadali (Kamanjab) were appointed as mobilisers for their respective districts.

For the role of treasurer, Sesfontein chose Johannes Gawaseb, Opuwo Rural chose Kanjandere Kaee, and Koos Kakuva was chosen unopposed in Opuwo Urban. Immanuel Korukuve was chosen as treasurer of the Epupa district, while Laurence Kandundu will be in charge of Outjo’s district finances. In the Khorixas and Kamanjab districts, Emmanuel //Khamuseb and Bianca Nguaiko ran unopposed for treasurer, respectively.

Also speaking at the press briefing, Swapo’s Kunene regional coordinator Julius Kaujova noted that congresses and conferences are organs and instruments used by the party to examine and analyse successes and achievements for a given time and offer new methods for future delivery.

Kaujova, however, stated that the results of the party’s congresses have left the party more divided, with some members threatening to leave or leaving the party after losing at congresses.

He maintained that the party suffered in the previous elections because of some of its members’ inability to accept defeat at such conferences.

“The attitude of not accepting outcomes cost us dearly in the past and I hope we are not going to experience such attitudes now that we have successfully completed all seven district conferences,” noted Kaujova.

He furthermore urged party members to unite ahead of the elections next year, saying that opposition parties are joining forces and political efforts and strategies to overpower the ruling party, therefore, “we need to be vigilant and stand united more than ever before.”

The returning officers for the just-concluded exercises were Marius Sheya and Titus Rungondo.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency