Sudan: Ambassador to Mozambique – Sudanese Institutions and Companies Hold Partnerships With Their Counterparts in Mozambique

Delegations of a number of Sudanese institutions and companies have participated in conferences and bilateral meetings with officials and relevant authorities in Mozambique State to discuss ways for Sudanese companies to invest in the state of Mozambique.

The Sudan’s Ambassador to Mozambique Abdullah Mohamed Ahmed Wadi said, in a telephone call with SUNA, that a delegation of Sudapet Company had participated in the Fifth Conference of Energy, Oil and Gas in Mozambique, referring to the organization of meetings by the diplomatic mission with various Mozambican Ministry of Energy and Mining’s oil and gas institutions, where opportunities of Sudapet companies to engage in investment in the fields of drilling, and pipeline installation and organization of consultations and training sessions.

Wadi revealed that the eve of the current week witnessed arrival of a delegation from the Kenana Sugar Company to participate in the Sixth Sugar Conference in Africa on the backdrop of the partnership agreement between the Kenana and the Mozambican Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, referring to the delegation’s meeting with the Executive Director of Mozambican Sugar Project of Shakoa, where it was agreed on assigning the company to prepare a feasibility study for the project rehabilitation.

He referred to his meeting with the Director of the Department of African Regional Integration at the Foreign Ministry in Mozambique to discuss the path of cooperation relations between Sudan and the African Union (AU) and to coordinate with them on the Mozambican support to the Sudan candidates for the posts of AU Commissioner of Political and Social Affairs during the elections to be held next July in the Rwandan capital, Kigali.

Ambassador Wadi said that, he was currently visiting the Republic of Madagascar, accompanied by representatives of GIAD Industrial Group and Kenana Sugar Company to discuss ways of bilateral cooperation and the entry of GIAD and Kenana to invest in Madagascar in the sectors of sugar, manufacturing, construction, training and capacity building.

Source: Sudan News Agency