MAPUTO– South Africa should make the most of its close proximity to Mozambique by taking up business opportunities in the neighbouring country, says South African High Commissioner (ambassador) to Mozambique Mandisi Mpahlwa.

Our proximity to Mozambique is something that provides greater opportunities to us. The cost of bringing in goods and services are minimal and in terms of the range and scope, we have a lot to offer Mozambique when compared with our competitors,” he says.

“Let us make the best of this opportunity, for this is important in context of the world we are operating in, said Mpahlwa when addressing a South African business delegation here Tuesday. The business people are in Mozambique to participate in the 54th edition of the Feira International de Maputo (FACIM) trade fair.

The delegation is participating in the trade fair through the Department of Trade of Industry (dti). The trade fair runs until Sept 3.

Mpahlwa said South Africa has the skills base and capacity to supply Mozambique in many sectors where it is experiencing a rise in demand of goods and services and the High Commission is available to offer business people support services, to guide and protect their interests.

We have learned the importance of not underestimating the system and refrain from cutting corners and we are already seeing the benefits of our actions. There exist real opportunities in a host of sectors,” he said.

For example, Mozambique has a 2030 universal electrification strategy that needs to be implemented. That sector alone possesses a lot of potential spill-over opportunities in roads, infrastructure, energy and construction, just to mention a few. It is my wish to see South African companies competing in those spaces, he said.

The FACIM is Mozambique’s biggest trade fair, which caters for a variety of products and services, attracting attention from more than 540 international companies coming from African, European, Asian and American countries.