South Africa: R55 Million Drug Man Denied Bail

Pretoria – Jeronimo Matteus Matussi Masso, a 50-year-old Mozambican man who was arrested on Sunday for possession of drugs was remanded in custody when he appeared before the Tonga Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.

The Crime Intelligence members in Komatipoort, Mpumalanga, together with the White River K9 unit had obtained information about a suspicious vehicle which was alleged to have been transporting Narcotics.

The vehicle, a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado with a Gauteng registration number was stopped at Nkomazi Toll gate along the N4 route near Kaapmuiden.

The Narcotics dog led the officers to the fuel tank of the vehicle which had visible alterations and it was subsequently removed.

When the fuel tank was opened a large concealment of white cloth packages were found. The packages contained white powder, which was upon testing was found to be heroin worth over R55 million.

The packages had stamps and inscriptions from Afghanistan. The exact origin as well as the possible destination of the drugs are being investigated.

Source: All Africa