South Africa: Investors attentive to Angolan discoveries at Indaba Mining

Cape Town – Angola captured on Tuesday at the International Indaba Mining Conference held in Cape Town, South Africa, the attention of investors, financers and governments during the presentation of the latest discoveries made in the country, under the National Plan of Geology (Planageo).

With a room full of specialists related to mining issues, the Minister of Geology and Mining, Francisco Queiroz, presented, through a projector, the areas recently discovered with irregularities and other occurrences that can make Angola a rich country and better place to live.

According to the official, it was clear that there is a lot of curiosity from the international investing community about Angola. “It was a first step. We are in a process of spreading the findings that Planageo is doing”.

Speaking at the end of the Angola Business Forum, which took place on the sidelines of the International Conference, the minister said that the Angolan extension of the Copper Belt (cobalt mineralization), from Zambia and DR Congo, was demonstrated technically and scientifically in Angola.

He added that the country has a portion of the Copper Belt that corresponds to more than a third of this block, that is, more than a hundred thousand square kilometers of the extension of the block is in Angola.

During the presentation it was also demonstrated that there are areas of immediate interest in the country to do detailed work. As an example, he pointed to the area of Cassinga (Huila) with an extension that goes to Cuando Cubango.

To these, other discoveries such as the square of Cazombo (Moxico), the kimberlitic occurrences of the zone of the Lundas and the extension of these zones for new ones like, Malanje, Bie and Huambo.

The northern coastal zone in Zaire province is rich in phosphate. But in the south and central regions of the country there are also occurrences in the mining field.

Indaba Mining meeting is expected to end on Thursday with recommendations.

Source: Angola Press News Agency