JOHANNESBURG, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has urged President Cyril Ramaphosa to pardon all youth of 2015, who might still be facing criminal charges for participating in the 2015 Free Education protests.

Speaking at a packed Matlosana Stadium in Jouberton Township, in Klerksdorp in the North West � where the party celebrated Youth Day, Malema has urged all institutions of higher education to also issue amnesty to all students who have been expelled or facing disciplinary hearings for Free Education protests.

Thousands of EFF members, mostly young, clad in their red regalia packed the local Motlosana Stadium � singing struggle songs to observe June 16 celebrations. The township Jouberton, like many townships in the country, is plagued by gangsterism, high unemployment and alcohol and substance abuse.

The youth are lured into participating in these social ills, leading to a huge number of drop outs in local schools. Arriving to raptures applause, EFF leader Julius Malema wasted no time and urged the youth to rise above the challenges and focus on attaining their future.

Malema told hundreds of his supporters that, in honour of the 1976 youth who fought the Bantu education system, the students of the Free Education movement of 2015, deserve to be applauded and honoured. He says he is worried that, one of them has already been convicted and is currently servicing a prison term, while others are in courts.

We must never forget that 2015 generation. Many children who led the 2015 Free Education movement are in prison, and some of them are locked up by the nonsensical ANC government. Many of them are excluded by universities. We say to Ramaphosa that all those that are in prison, release them from prison, pardon them and allow them back to these universities. Those children are suspended and those children have been excluded from universities.

Malema says the only way to ensure the future of the youth is through education, urging all communities to desist from what appears to be a trend; when venting service delivery challenges, state properties, particularly schools, are targeted and torched. He says that is a betrayal of what the youth of 1976 stood for.

Abram Tiro is crying. Steve Biko is crying. They are asking themselves; did I die for them to drown themselves in alcohol and drugs. How do we honour our fallen heroes, we honour them to restore the dignity of African people. You start with yourself. You use the June 16 and say I will honour Tiro, Hector Pieterson, to pass and becoming excellent. Please let us protect these properties, stop burning schools. Stop burning clinics.

Meanwhile, some of the young people who attended the event say the day is still worth celebrating despite all challenges. I am from Khuma, we came to celebrate with Julius Malema, we have so many challenges, we have a problem of crime, poverty and we hope that when our leader takes government as we are going to vote for him, he will change these things.

Furthermore, the EFF leadership says it will take a tough stance against any of their members who could be found abusing women and children. Malema cautioned all party members that are found abusing women and children will face expulsion from the party.

Source: Nam News Network