South Africa: Anti-Xenophobia March to Union Buildings in Pretoria

Pretoria – Community groups intend staging a march against crime, poverty, and xenophobia to the Union Buildings on Thursday.

It was organised by the Coalition of Civics Against Xenophobia, which describes itself as a coalition of South Africans and foreigners living in the country.

Violence broke out during an anti-immigration march to the Pretoria city centre on February 24.

Police used rubber bullets, stun grenades and teargas to disperse foreigners and locals near the home affairs department building in the CBD. Police arrested 136 people.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation condemned attacks on foreign nationals during the march.

“We express shock and take exception to the authorities’ decision giving permission for a march of hatred in Tshwane,” the foundation said in a statement ahead of the event.

The violence was destroying lives and bringing international shame to South Africa, it said.

“We call on all South Africans to take responsibility for embracing the hospitality that defines our democratic order.”

Source: Angola Press News Agency